Thermostat – the Little Device that Saves You Money

Honeywell Wi-Fi ThermostatIf you’ve ever driven with cruise control, you know it has three primary benefits. First of all, it helps you maintain a legal speed on the open road where you might otherwise be tempted to drive faster than you should. Secondly, on long trips it keeps your leg from becoming stiff from being in the same position for an extended amount of time. But perhaps the biggest selling point for cruise control is that it saves gas, which saves you money. Rather than speeding up and slowing down over and over again, cruise control keeps the engine running at a constant pace so that the fuel is used more efficiently.

An AC thermostat serves the same money-saving function for your HVAC unit.

Just like the cruise control on your car uses more gas to climb a hill and less gas to coast downhill, your thermostat paces the productivity of your heating and cooling system according to the outdoor temperature’s impact on the indoor temperature. For example, in the overnight hours when the hot Texas sun has set, your air conditioner works less than it does when battling the 100-degree daytime temperatures of the summer while maintaining the set climate inside your home.

Below are some more specific ways a thermostat can save you money.

Set It a Couple of Degrees Warmer/Cooler

By adjusting your thermostat just a couple of degrees, you can save money on your energy bill each month. For example, changing your indoor temperature from 72 degrees to 74 degrees will not affect your comfort level much at all, especially after a week or so, but it will impact your level of savings.

Program It

In the same way you don’t leave the water in your shower running when you’re not in the shower, you don’t want your air conditioner working excessively when you aren’t home to use the cool air. A programmable thermostat enables you to adjust the climate settings to use less energy when you’re away from home and your preferred temperature when you are there. You can program the thermostat to a warmer setting while you’re at work during the summer, 80 degrees perhaps, and to a cooler setting around the time you get home from work. This is especially beneficial if you tend to be in a rush in the morning and forget to adjust the thermostat manually on your way out the door.

There’s an App for That

The beauty of living in the digital age is that you can program your thermostat from your smartphone. This application is particularly handy if you are away from home for an extended amount of time unexpectedly. For example, if you decide to lengthen your vacation you can reprogram the thermostat to use less energy the entire time you’re away. The app also allows you to gauge the function of your HVAC system while you’re not there, preventing costly cleanup and repairs upon your return if something has gone wrong.

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