Minimize Office Expenses with these Eco-Conscious Tips

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Despite having a relatively mild summer this year (by Texas standards), it’s still hot. When you stop and think about it you spend most of the hottest hours of the week at the office (unless you are fortunate enough to work from home). To keep you cool at work and to help keep costs down, try some of these eco-conscious ideas.

Window Coverings

If you are fortunate enough to have windows in your office, you may also experience the downside of such a view: solar heating. While that might be handy on cold winter days, those are few and far between in Central Texas. Use dense window coverings like blinds or curtains to keep the heat of the sun out of your office space. You can always pull them back for a view of the outside world every once in a while.


However, if your office window faces north or is shaded by another building or a tree, leave the window coverings open and use natural lighting instead of the harsh fluorescent lights most office buildings provide. If that’s not enough light for the task at hand, consider a desk lamp with an energy efficient bulb instead of the overhead lights. This conserves energy while reducing the amount of heat emitted by light bulbs.

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Check the AC

Make sure the air conditioning unit is adequate for the task of cooling your office area. A smaller AC size may seem like it would use less energy, but it actually uses more to meet the demand. In addition to the proper size, make sure to keep your air conditioner properly maintained. While changing the filters regularly is important, it is not the only maintenance task required. For a commercial maintenance plan or AC service in Round Rock and the greater Austin area, give BlueAir Heating and Air Conditioning a call at 512-257-8423.

Turn Off the Heat

You may think that heading is written for folks who don’t have a clue about life. In reality, you might be surprised how many heat producing devices you have turned on in your office, even in the summer. When you aren’t using office equipment like copiers, printers and computers, turn them off. Many copiers now have energy saving programs that place them in standby when they are not in use to prevent the extended power-up time. Turning off your computer monitor does less to eliminate heat than turning off the hard drive itself.

Take a Vote

Thermostat wars are most common between the genders. It only makes sense with companies that require business attire. Guys feel suffocated by neckties while women shiver in a seasonal blouse. Often what ends up happening is that guys will add fans to their workspace while women add space heaters. So, in addition to using the energy necessary for the air conditioning, there is the energy necessary for the personal space heating and cooling. Find a temperature that pleases the most people in the office and leave the thermostat there. Those in the minority can adjust by wearing a sweater or by adopting a new office policy that eliminates ties!

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