Ductless AC Systems

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Ductless A/C

Ductless air conditioning systems can be the perfect answer for that room that’s never quite cool enough (say the master bedroom) or for that new addition you’re building. Sometimes these units are also called mini-splits, multi-splits, and variable refrigerant flow systems It’s is often the only option to increasing the amount of A/C when more cooling is needed inside your home. The ductless system works, obviously, with no ducts, as a traditional A/C unit uses to carry air to vents. Instead this system has an outdoor condensing unit located against the house or building. This makes it highly adaptable to many rooms and needs.


A traditional window unit has all of its components right in your window. That is what makes them so noisy. Also, the fan never cycles completely off so you have to put up with constant noise.

A ductless systems works like a traditional home A/C. The compressor (the noisiest component) is located in the outdoor unit so you will not hear it inside. The blower in the indoor unit is very quiet and the system cycles off when it reaches your desired set temperature.

Supplemental Heat

A heater is still needed, as the ductless A/C only provides the air conditioning. You could still use your traditional furnace with ducts, or you could install a ductless unit that’s a combination A/C and heater (adding a heat pump). This is the best option for that new addition or for a room that’s never quite cool or warm enough, no matter much you change the thermostat. These systems are becoming more popular and are actually pretty cost-effective. They can save you up to 30 percent on your energy bills, compared to A/C window units and electric heaters.

Zone Cooling

Many homes are now adding multiple units or “zones” throughout the entire house. If you have these multiple zones in your home, you can control the temperature on a per-room basis, instead of cranking up the A/C for the whole home. Many times, as much as 20 percent of that cool air is lost through ducts with holes or leaks. The ductless A/C completely bypasses that issue and offers the efficiency like indoor geothermal without going geothermal.


Just like regular A/C units, ductless systems must be maintained to work effectively. A regular preventative maintenance by an experienced technician is recommended. Ductless A/C systems come with a washable filter. It is important to clean the filter often. If not, you run the risk of getting the inner components, like the coil and the blower dirty. Many brands are difficult to take apart and clean effectively. We are excited that Carrier has just introduced their new line of mini-split systems and they are much easier to disassemble and clean. Therefore, we believe in the long run Carrier ductless units will be more cost effective to maintain.

The certified technicians at BlueAir have the expertise required and would be happy to answer any maintenance questions you may have.


An electrician will be needed to run power from your breaker box to your new outdoor unit. Electrical and refrigerant lines will run between the outdoor unit and the indoor wall unit. The inside unit is typically mounted high up on a wall of the room where the cooling is needed. A small hole, with approximately a three-inch diameter, is cut to the outside for the lines providing electricity, drainage, and refrigerant. Call BlueAir for a recommendation on where a ductless A/C might work best in the room you think could use some cooling help.

Always be sure any installing company has a license before hiring them for the work. There are nuances to any installation that only an experienced licensed contractor can know and address.

Health Benefits

You can also talk to BlueAir about the health benefits to installing a ductless A/C as well. Without needing ductwork, the health concerns about what could be growing or blowing through your home via the ducts is eliminated. And right there is another added savings––no ductwork cleaning ever needed.

If you’re constantly reaching for that glass of ice tea to help cool you down in one for more of your rooms, or if you’re in the middle of planning an addition or converting your garage to a family room, definitely take a look at a ductless A/C. It could answer more than one need for you.

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