COVID-19 Policy

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As an approved essential service we are open for business should you need air conditioning services. Our employees are well equipped to continue serving you as we normally do. We are following safe practices as recommended by the WHO and CDC to minimize risks of exposure to
COVID-19. And, rest assured, no BlueAir employee will report to work with any signs of illness or any known exposure to COVID-19.  

What To Expect When Scheduling

Our goal while scheduling your call is to minimize contact, spend the least amount of time in your home or place of business, and protect the health of you and our employees.

Things we may ask:

  • Is anyone in your home or business ill?
  • Is anyone in your home or business under a mandatory quarantine?
  • If your unit is not working, please give us a detailed description of the problems or symptoms.
  • Where is your indoor unit located?  If it is in a garage we will ask that you open the garage door for us.
  • Where is your thermostat located?
  • Will you be paying by check, cash or credit card?

What To Expect During Our Visit

When we enter your home or business we will minimize contact with the following protocols. 

We will:

  • Maintain a 6’ distance from other individuals;
  • Wear gloves, facemasks and booties while in your living space (techs may remove gloves while working on your equipment);
  • Disinfect surfaces we have touched before leaving the home (doorknobs, thermostats, unit panels, etc).
  • You will be emailed an invoice.
  • You can pay the technician in cash or by check.
  • We will take credit card payments over the phone by office personnel. 

Need HVAC Service?

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