BlueAir’s Exciting Energy Recovery Ventilation Project in Austin

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BlueAir crew installing rooftop HVAC unit

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At BlueAir Heating & Air Conditioning, we love our commercial clients just as much as our residential ones. In October, we were given the opportunity to work with Homegoods on Brodie Lane in South Austin on a very exciting project. With the focus of TJX Companies, Inc. (Homegood’s parent company) on energy efficiency and results-oriented business decisions, they decided to give us the green light to install two Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) at this location. Better yet, this is considered a test run, so if they realize the results they hope for, we could be installing ERVs into many other locations within Texas.

BlueAir crew installing rooftop HVAC unit

Energy Recovery Ventilation is a mechanical process whereby energy within a normally exhausted building is recovered and used to precondition (or “treat”) the incoming outdoor air in commercial HVAC systems.

There are many reasons to consider this sort of system, but reduction of energy costs and heating and cooling loads are key motivators. Another great by-product of ERV is the stabilization of indoor environmental humidity levels.

Our technicians showed up right as Austin Crane did, and they started unloading the Energy Recovery Ventilation equipment for hoisting onto the roof. (Take a look at the exciting pictures from this installation.) We had a great time executing this project, and look forward to analyzing the results. Since almost half of all global energy is used in buildings, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of efficient heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and energy technologies.

BlueAir crew installing rooftop HVAC unit

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