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Being a property manager can mean stress and headaches at times. Property managers are pretty popular but maybe not in a good way for them––everybody wants and needs something from them at the same time. A high-pressure crisis often facing managers is an HVAC repair that’s both urgent and costly. Call BlueAir at these times, and we’ll send one of our professionals out to help immediately, giving you peace of mind. Here are some other ways we can help minimize emergency calls.

Filter Reminders

Tenants are notorious for forgetting to change their filters. We can send you and your tenant regular email reminders when it is time to change the filters. You determine the frequency of reminders and we will send the reminder. No excuses about forgetting!

Filter Service

BlueAir can also change filters on a regular basis. Call us to discuss your particular situation and we can provide you an estimate. We will need to know how many filters you have, the filter sizes and the frequency of changes. We give volume discounts if you have multiple units or multiple properties.

Freezestat With Time Delay

To ensure your tenants are changing their filters BlueAir can install a Freezestat with a
Time Delay Relay.

A Freezestat attaches to the refrigerant line at the condenser and will trip, causing the unit to go off, when the temperature drops too low due to a dirty filter.

Along with the Freezestat we install a Time Delay Relay. The Time Delay will not allow the unit to run for 20 minutes. That will eliminate the possibility of damage being done to the unit by repeatedly turning off and on. And, hopefully a 20 minute delay will give your tenant time to notice that something is wrong and check their filter!

System Maintenance

Some of the most common emergencies are easy to avoid: burnt contactors, bad capacitors, low refrigerant charge and clogged drain lines. These are all items that are checked during regular system maintenance and can be addressed before they become an issue.

Clearing drain lines annually is the most important thing that we do for property managers. It saves an emergency call and protects property from damage.

Drain Line Emergency Cut Off Switch

To avoid costly damage to property, air conditioning systems should have emergency cutoff switches that are activated when a drain line is clogged. BlueAir can install these in both horizontal units in the attic and upflow systems in closets.

0% Financing

Avoid costly repairs all together by installing new equipment. 0% financing is available for up to 60 months on Carrier equipment. Monthly payments will ensure positive cash flow and allow owners to forecast their expenses.

In summation, emergency calls and unexpected costly repairs can be minimized with proper planning and regular maintenance. Call BlueAir in Austin, Texas, and let one of our experts help you determine a proactive plan for taking care of the HVAC systems at your properties.

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