Air Conditioner Maintenance Helps You Keep Your Cool

The four seasons of Texas

They say, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, stick around for a while; it will change.” January validated that statement with high temperatures fluctuating 20 to 30 degrees within 24 hours as various fronts settled across the Hill Country. Some weeks, homeowners used both their heater and their air conditioner. Native Texans know this is not unusual.

Despite the major weather shifts that happen during the course of a week in January, summertime in Texas remains fairly consistent: it’s hot! Before blazing summer temperature arrives, make sure your air conditioner is functioning at its best by doing some regular maintenance. Perform the following tasks to ensure your air conditioner is working at optimal levels:

  • Change the air filters
  • Rinse the outdoor condenser coils
  • Add bleach to your drain line
  • Trim shrubs around your outdoor unit for 2’ clearance
  • Replace damaged coolant line insulation

While each of the tasks is important, changing the air filter is the simplest and needs to be done most often. Change it every month during peak seasons and every three months during the off-season. Air filters serve two primary purposes when it comes to cooling your home. The first is to improve the quality of the air you breathe inside. Filters catch and trap various dust particles, animal fur, and pollens that can wreak havoc on allergy and asthma sufferers. Clean filters clean the air.

The second function of the air filter is to keep the air flowing through the unit efficiently. The same dust, dander and pollens that the filter cleans out of your air will clog the filter over time. A dirty filter prevents the flow of air, which makes the air conditioning unit work harder to accomplish the same task. (If you’ve ever had a stuffy nose and tried to inhale, you recognize the additional energy required to get a deep breath. It’s the same idea with a clogged filter.) The end result of such inefficient functioning is greater energy consumption. Simply speaking, you pay more on your energy bill. Clean filters also protect the ductwork and more costly mechanisms within the unit, saving repair costs down the road by keeping parts clean and keeping them from being overworked.

In the same way that changing the oil in your car regularly helps to lengthen the life of your car and keep it running properly, changing the filter on your air conditioner and keeping it properly maintained will make the upcoming summer more bearable because you reduce the likelihood of a breakdown.

You can perform some of the other air conditioner maintenance tasks yourself, but be sure to disconnect the power before doing so. If you were unaware that an air conditioner had a drain, or if you aren’t sure where the condenser coil is, or if you have no time or desire to tackle the maintenance yourself, that’s okay. Sign up for the Blue Air Maintenance Plan. Before each season, we’ll contact you and schedule an appointment at your convenience to service your HVAC conditioning equipment and help you keep your cool.

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