A Mini-Split May Be Your Solution

Mitsubishi Mini-Split SystemIn many cases BlueAir runs into a situation in an existing home or commercial building where additional heating and cooling is needed. The building already has a central air conditioning system but a new room may have been added, an existing space, such as a garage or shed, may be being converted into an office or workroom, or an existing bedroom does not get cool enough.

We have installed mini-splits in these situations to provide an economical, energy efficient and comfortable solution.

The mini-split works just like a regular split system with an outdoor condensing unit connected by refrigerant lines and electric wires to an indoor unit mounted on the wall or ceiling. No ductwork is needed as the air is blown directly from the indoor unit. The system is controlled with a wireless remote.

The system saves you money because you can adjust the temperature for your comfort only when you are using the space. Also the inverter-driven technology of their compressors automatically adjust to changing weather conditions, using only the energy that is needed. Cooling is up to 40% more efficient than in standard systems.

We recommend Mitsubishi systems as they are an industry leader and offer a variety of models and equipment for a wide variety of applications.

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